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Dr Catherine Hamlin meets Queen Elizabeth II.On her recent visit to Australia, Dr Hamlin was invited to meet with the Queen. Also present is the High Commissioner and The Duke of Edinburgh. Dr Hamlin was very flattered and uplifted by this invitation.



Visit of HRH Princess Anne

Princess Anne arriving at the hospital greeted by Dr Hamlin with the
"Princess Anne Ward" in the background.

Dr. Catherine Hamlin
Dr Catherine Hamlin AC




The task is enormous and we hope you will see in the photos on these pages how much you have done for these unfortunate women and how your kindness continues to reach out and help them where no other help is available. The hallmark of the hospital is love and compassion.



Executive Director and co-founder of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, has been given the highest Australian award. She was made a companion of Australia in 1995.


The Fistula Hospital of Addis Ababa, is the first hospital in the world
that specialises in Fistula surgery.
It has a success rate of 93%.
Almost 1,200 patients are operated on each year.

It cost the Hospital about US$475 (UK£250 - €355) per patient to operate, feed, nurse and often pay her way home.

"Ethiopia is one of the world's poorest countries. It is a vast country — twice the size of Texas — with only 3,000 miles of paved roads and a population of 88 million.

Fistula is a serious problem in Ethiopia. Here, the maternal death rate is among the highest in the world. Having many children is extolled. And an Ethiopian woman is likely to marry as a teenager and give birth to six children, not counting those she will lose during pregnancy or within the first five years of life. Pregnant women customarily deliver their babies at home with only a female elder in attendance. The closest skilled doctor may be hundreds of miles away. In fact, the number of obstetricians and gynecologists is abysmally low - just one for roughly every 530,000 people.

Against this backdrop, Dr. Catherine Hamlin came to Ethiopia in 1959 with her now late husband Reginald. Together, they founded the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals in 1974 in the nation's capital city of Addis Ababa. Today, it is the largest facility in the world devoted exclusively to fistula care. Dr. Catherine Hamlin is universally recognized as a fistula treatment pioneer. The Fistula Foundation is honored to have been the largest supporter of Dr. Hamlin's hospitals during each of the last five years.

Our Foundation has grown in recent years to become the largest private charitable foundation supporting fistula treatment globally. Each year, we hope to help more, in more places. In Ethiopia, our support has expanded to fund two of the country's busiest and oldest medical institutions respectively: the Aira Hospital and Gondar University Hospital."