Eye Clinc for Children

Eye Clinics for Children & Family Small Scale Farming


Provide suitable medical care, education on hygiene and promote the idea for a family small-scale farming.

Our project will target locations :

a) To set up small but effective clinic to take care mainly of women and children.

b) To fight blindness, malaria and epidemics to come.

c) Provide water purification units for an healthy drinking water.

d) Last will be to promote and encourage family small scale farming.

Small-scale farming will be run at family level. We will encourage women to run these projects because experience has proven that in Africa, the women are more successful than men to managing and running such small projects. Morocco is a most recent example.


Feasibility Study

We will finance and run the program for 2 years. Thereafter the running will be passed over to the local authorities and merchants who will have all interest to see the continuation of such useful project.

Each estimated cost varies according to the location and circumstances and will be quoted accordingly.

Progress Reports

Project progress reports will be provided quarterly in our website.

a) Firstly we will report on donations we will be receiving.

b) Progress of the works at each site during the First 2 years.

c) Thereafter a yearly follow up report on the continuation progress of each site.