Akis's Remedy

Akis’s Remedy
My case started in March 2003 in London.

A morning I noticed blood in my urine. I went to the doctor and after an examination in his clinic he believed that on my left kidney I had a lump with water. He referred me to the St. Mary’s Hospital for further examinations and treatment.
Immediately I had undergone various MRS scans, X-Rays. Etc..
When the results had to be communicated to me, the Head Doctor of the Department was on holiday. His replacement gave me the news.

Not satisfactory at all.

Apparently all I had left were 4 to 6 months if I was not going to an immediate operation. I asked immediately for a second opinion and this was arranged, BUT as I was running short of time for an immediate operation on Head Doctor’s return, prior leaving the Hospital, I had to do additional examinations. I did it and, spent 3 endless hours, going from one department to the other. Thereafter I went home.

I can never forget that night.

On his return the Doctor did not operated me as planned but instead, he referred me to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Since then and, up to now, I am under their care.

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In 2003 talking with friends having faced similar problems, I found out that some of them were drinking a “Remedy of Fresh Juice” apparently recommended to one of them by a old woman in a village in Greece. Because this juice is made from fresh vegetables available in the market and my doctor do not forbid me of eating them, I had nothing to lose and gave a try.

After the First weeks, I noticed an improvement to my general health.

So, what does this Drink remedy consist of ? ? ?

Simply Fresh: Tomatoes, Carrots, Lemon, Garlic and the most important,
VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, is a must.

- Fill one quarter of glass with carrot juice & two quarters with tomatoes juice.

  • Then Add Half Lemon juice
  • Then the juice of a clove of garlic. Personally after the first sessions I changed it to a
    (Non-odorous Garlic Tablet)
  • Then ADD 2 to 3 table spoons of the Virgin Olive Oil.

I drunk one glass of this juice 15 minutes before : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. I did this for 3 weeks. Then I stopped for a month and repeated it, the First year.

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During these years I have done many searches in respect of the benefits of these ingredients. They support the “Old Woman Story” BUT instead of having the juice only, it is better to eat them.
In this respect from 2010, I made a change to my remedy.

I put three tomatoes, one medium size peeled carrot, one peeled lemon, one clove of garlic
(or ginger if preferred) in a blonder and make a nice mash. I then ADD 5 table spoons of VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.
I take 4 to 5 table spoons of this mash prior my meals. I keep the rest in the fridge.
I did this two weeks monthly.

From May 2017, 3 times daily for two weeks, then the other 2 weeks I drink 1 lemon juice with a pinch of Sea Salt.

I No longer smoke. From the age of 18 and for 30 years I used to smoke 1 to 2 packets cigarettes daily. I gave it up and I feel great. I drink occasionally a glass of Red wine with my meals and, when possible after meals, I take a 15 minute walk. I am now 83 years of age and I feel great. Physically as well as Mentally I believe. I still spent a few hours behind my computer working and when possible, I walk in the morning for an hour.

I am not a doctor. I cannot say the improvement to my health is due this “REMEDY”

Is it a combination of everything ??? I do not know and, I have NOT been operated yet.

Each one of US, is a separate case.

I do believe that the best treatment is :
a) The Medicines when action is taken on time,
b) Operation and remove it prior expansion to the other part of the body,
c) A miracle

- To Stay always a fighter
- And ALWAYS keep the spirit HIGH

Panayotis Tzanos